Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From 550D to 50D

A decision for resolution 

In the last couple of weeks I tested the capabilities of ML Raw on the 550D. The dynamic range is incredible and the grading possibilities are huge but the resolution is quite low. The max. possible resolution to work with is something around 1280x426@24fps at the moment (not continuously). For me that´s not enough so I decided to buy a 50D. This camera is able to record 1080p in crop mode now. In normal mode something around 1580x888. I got a cheap used one at a local photo-store for 320 Euros. At the moment I´m waiting for a fast Komputerbay 1000x 64gb CF-Card orderd at amazon. Can´t wait to do some test shot´s. So guys stay tuned I will post some footage in a couple of days .

In the meanwhile watch the most impressive 50D RAW video I found on the web by

Pigeon Point Lighthouse - Canon 50D RAW test from Kenny Frerichs on Vimeo.

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