Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Broadcast B4 lens usable with Magic Lantern RAW ?

Maybe an old Dream is coming true the Canon B4 ENG-DSLR.  


I´m Canon DSLR user since a couple of years now it´s real fun especially with the magic lantern firmware modification. The only thing I´m really missing is the Servo Zoom of an ENG lens. I did some research about adapting ENG lenses to EOS-Cam´s and found this adapter:

But there is an issue the image circle of B4 lenses is to small for the big EOS ASPC Sensors watch video below.

With ML Raw Zoom mode it´s possible to record a small part of the 4752x3168 sensor 1920x1080 a 3x Crop on the 50D.
I did a little research and it´s working in theory (image below) . Can´t wait to try it..

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  1. Here's and even cheaper one:

    I got a 600D, with a B3 canon J13x9B II using the 3x video crop mode it works just great. To get power zoom you'll need an adaptor to 12volt attached to a battery or something so it can power the lens.